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Table of Contents

This is the main page of the documentation of the teamTAD project. We'll develop the documentation here; not just of the core software behind the project but also various projects/solutions in which the software and its components are used.

Treat these docs just like a book; with this page being the table of contents. This table of contents is protected from accidental editing. However, you are free to add/edit anything inside the book, after you login using one of your social networking accounts.

1.  Introduction to TAD

This discusses a bit of history about TAD, and why it is important for architecture to adopt the open source model for explaining architecture. TAD could be one system that can be used to uniformly exchange and develop quality designs.

2.  Installation

How to get, install and upgrade various software packages in this projects

3.  Components

TAD contains several components. Each component caters to one functional aspect required by the overall project. Each component contains one or more software.

3.1  TAD Foundation

This is the main foundation of The Architect's Desktop on which all other components would be working. Alamban is the precursor to this foundation.

3.2  TAD Designer

This component handles the designing within TAD

3.3  TAD Data

This component handles the building material data passing through TAD

3.4  TAD Network

This component of the project handles the network that allows people to work together

4.  Appendices

4.1  TeamTAD Certification

We can provide certification to projects that meets certian Open Source criteria. This chapter explains how.

4.2  Community around TAD

This part is devoted to those who use and/or are developing TAD

4.3  Open source initiatives

In order to further open sourcing of architectural information, several websites and solutions are being proposed. This section will explain the details.

4.4  Fleshing out the desktop

TAD stands for The Architect's Desktop but, hey, where is that? How can we make a domain specific operating system around TAD so that when the computer starts we directly get an environment for designing?

4.5  Other sources of information

This section will provide links to blogs, papers published on TAD. It will also contain the links to the websites of people using and/or developing TAD.

4.6  Topics concerning this website

This section will give you pages to put in your feedback. It will also provide you with help on this site.

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